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Sustainability at Respray

At Respray, we believe in

Refillability. We at Respray created the World’s first refillable deodorant solution, by providing an in-store refill station as a service, thereby enabling customers to reuse their spray packaging multiple times.

Circularity. Sustainability has been at the core of our business since the beginning of our journey. We believe that the time of single-use products is over, and for a greener future, we need to implement circularity by design.

Revolution. With our refill station, we aim to revolutionize the aerosol market, encourage and enhance our partners’ sustainability journey, enable our customers to choose environmentally friendly products, and raise awareness about the necessity of closing the loop.

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Refill Station


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After the customer uses up the product, our solution allows it to be refilled 4 more
times, meaning that the same amount of deodorant use can now be achieved using only 1 can, instead of 5 separate cans, thus seriously reducing the necessary raw materials, the generated waste, and the unnecessary can transportation.

Emission summary

Average vs Respray spray deodorant

612,4 g



201,4 g


311 g


100 g

121,76 g



0 g


62 g


50 g

Station Energy Use

8,8 g

Bag-In-Box Packaging

0,96 g

All calculations were made in CO2 equivalent.

A Respray deodorant has a

5 times smaller carbon footprint

compared to an average deodorant.

For our sustainability measures in detail, please see our Sustainability Report!

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