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Are you tired of throwing out all those aluminium cans?

Join the #Respray community where we minimize our carbon footprint

We have developed an ‘in-store refill‘ solution for spray deodorants, that consists of a compressed air powered can and an easy-to-use refill station.

We install these stations into drug stores and hypermarkets, so users can fit the refilling process into their existing shopping routine.

We do not intend to have our own deodorant brand, Respray’s goal is to provide a seamless aerosol refilling technology in a white-label business model.

The world's first deodorant refill station

Refill Station

24" touchscreen

Managing multiple scents

Integrated label printer and product identification system

Actuator removal technology

Compact size:

100cm x 60cm x 170cm

Modular, easily changeable design

Dedicated advertising space

The benefits of our solution

Maintained Refill Stations

With regular maintenance and online monitoring, we always maintain a functioning Refill Station in the pre-designated stores

Higher margin on products

Single-use aerosol packaging is responsible for most of the production of your products, so using reusable packaging reduces costs

Our solution

Reducing CO2 emissions

By introducing refillable packaging and using compressed air as a propellant, we greatly reduce emissions from product use

Eco-friendly brand attributes

The introduction of Respray's innovation could have a positive impact on how consumers think about the eco-friendly brand attributes

User registration

Our solution also includes a digital add-on to provide users with personalised promotions and customer experience

Why do we need refillable spray deodorants?

Why do we need refillable spray deodorants?

In Hungary, 12 million deodorant cans are thrown away every year, in Europe 1.8 billion. In many cases, such as in Hungary, these products are burned after use because the excess pressure left in them makes recycling problematic.

By reusing the bottles and using a technology free of harmful propellants, we can reduce CO2 emissions from production, use and logistics to a fraction of their original levels.


We are open to implement something unique!

Unique development

You have a specific idea but don't know how to make it refillable?

Allow us to exert our expertise to make your dream come true! Feel free to contact us regarding your specific needs!

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