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We appeared on Lupa Beach!

The first place to try Respray's products is the beach surrounding Lake Lupa, but you won't find our deodorants here yet... We've made a refillable face and body spray available to guests who visit!

The process will be the same as for our deodorants, you can fill empty bottles using our dispenser, or, if you run out, you can repeat the process. It is also very important that you can do this at the deposit box, where we also collect bottles that are no longer used.

But what are the face and body sprays we offer? Thanks to its refreshing effect, it's a pleasant experience in the summer heat, whether you're sunbathing, playing sports or cooling off in the shade. It also contains many minerals, so it is good for your skin.

You can test them on Lupa anytime during August, and any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Our only request is that you bring the bottles back at the end of the beach trip so that we can use them as many times as possible. From time to time you can also meet us on site, and you can always be informed about these occasions on our social media platforms!

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